Our History

LiNA Medical was founded in 1977 by Niels Kornerup, initially trading under the name Nikomed. Using his entrepreneurial spirit and technical skills, Niels Kornerup quickly placed the company among the leading manufacturers of ECG Electrodes worldwide.

The ability to focus on and excel in niches has always been a driving force in the company. Thus during the 80s and 90s we started activities in the fields of electro-surgery and laparoscopic surgery. These activities created the foundation for our current focus on Minimally Invasive Gynecology.


1977: Niels Kornerup established Nikomed, initially manufacturing ECG Electrodes. Later on followed fixation devices and patient plates

1985: First electro-surgery products launched

1993: Laparoscopic products launched

1997: The first Nikomed Tripol (LiNA PowerBlade™) was used

1998: The ECG electrode and fixation business was divested together with the brand name Nikomed. We changed the name to LiNA Medical focusing on electro-surgery and laparoscopic surgery

2004: Second generation, Søren Kornerup, appointed CEO

2005: LiNA Medical established first production plant in Poland

2006: The first generation of the LiNA Loop was launched in Europe

2009: New strategic focus; Minimally Invasive Gynecology

2011: The first LiNA Xcise™ Morcellator was introduced to the market