The Alphascope™ hysteroscope is a small diameter, fibreoptic hysteroscope
intended for hysteroscopic procedures

The Alphascope™ consists of a stainless-steel sheath, inner illumination fibres and an imaging fibre bundle.

Image module

The Alphascope™ and the expandable
LiNA Versascope™ Sheath
form an integrated system

Designed to enable easy, quick, diagnostic- to therapeutic conversions during hysteroscopic procedures

Edge to edge clarity Brilliant illumination

High resolution

900 field of view for a wide panoramic view of the uterine cavity

100 deflected sheath design expands field of view permitting peripheral visualization and operative access area

Depth of field (from 2mm) provides sharp, in-focus images from close-up to panoramic

The eyepiece can be connected through a
focusing optical coupler

At the distal end of the imaging bundle is the objective lens and at the proximal end is the eyepiece. Endoscopic light sources are connected to the light post of the hysteroscope through compatible 3.5mm light cables. The eyepiece can be connected through a focusing optical coupler to a camera head that carries the image by cable to the camera. The scope is autoclavable and conveniently organized on the sterilization tray (shown below)

Image module
Image module


Resolution 40,000 pixels +-/10%
Direction of view 00/td>
Field of view 900
Scope length 410mm
Working length 282mm
Diameter 1.85mm
Light Cable Connector Requires 3.5mm fiber optic light cable (adapters available)