The LiNA Story

LiNA Medical specializes in developing innovative and simple to use devices for minimally invasive gynecology. The company was founded by Niels Kornerup in 1977, originally designing and manufacturing ECG Electrodes. LiNA Medical‘s ability to focus on niche surgical specialties became a driving force in the company. In the 1980s and 90s LiNA Medical joined the fields of electro-surgery and laparoscopic surgery, including the launch of LiNA PowerBladeTM . The launch of the LiNA LoopTM was the catalyst for the company’s strong focus on minimally invasive gynecology. Working closely with healthcare professionals has enabled us to launch a range of successful gynecological products, including the LiNA XciseTM , LiNA LibrataTM and LiNA OperåScopeTM . LiNA Medical is dedicated to continued development of innovative products that improve the quality of women’s lives around the globe.

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Social Responsibility

Our primary focus is the advancement of women’s healthcare through innovative, simple to use technology. We are also committed to being responsible global citizens that have a positive impact on the environment and communities we serve. LiNA Medical continues to seek opportunities where we can contribute to causes and organizations that positively impact women’s healthcare and daily lives.

We are also driven by environmental responsibility and making decisions to preserve the planet. Continuing to find ways to reduce energy and lessen our environmental footprint is always kept in mind as we deliver technology to improve the healthcare of women around the globe.

If you have an environmental or community outreach opportunity that aligns with our goals and outlook, please contact us.