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The LiNA Story

LiNA Medical specializes in developing innovative and simple to use devices for minimally invasive gynecology. The company was founded by Niels Kornerup in 1977, originally designing and manufacturing ECG Electrodes. LiNA Medical‘s ability to focus on niche surgical specialties became a driving force in the company. In the 1980s and 90s LiNA Medical joined the fields of electro-surgery and laparoscopic surgery, including the launch of LiNA PowerBladeTM . The launch of the LiNA LoopTM was the catalyst for the company’s strong focus on minimally invasive gynecology. Working closely with healthcare professionals has enabled us to launch a range of successful gynecological products, including the LiNA XciseTM , LiNA LibrataTM and LiNA OperåScopeTM . LiNA Medical is dedicated to continued development of innovative products that improve the quality of women’s lives around the globe.

LiNA Loop LiNA Loop™ Launched in 2003 LiNA Seastar LiNA SeaStar™ and LiNA Skin Hook™ Launched in 2007 LiNA Xcsie LiNA Xcise™ Launched in 2010 LiNA Librata LiNA Librata™ Launched in 2016 LiNA OperåScope LiNA OperåScope™ Launched in 2018
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LiNA Spotlight

Søren Kornerup Søren Kornerup Søren is the 2nd generation of the Kornerup family who is the majority shareholder in LiNA Medical. Taking over from his father Niels Kornerup in 2005, Søren has been driving the company towards the dedicated focus on gynecology it has today, while retaining a strong tradition for investing significant resources into R&D every year. CEO Henrik Poulsen Henrik Poulsen Henrik has more than 20 years of experience leading R&D projects. The last 11 years have been with LiNA Medical where he has utilized his passion for business and making complex healthcare products simple to use. Many of these products include state of the art technology giving LiNA Medical the opportunity to launch products which are simple to setup and easy to use in all types of healthcare settings. Henrik leads the LiNA Medical Innovation group, which is responsible for documentation and mechanical engineering. This group has created many products including a few such as the LiNA XciseTM, LiNA Bipolar LoopTM, LiNA LibrataTM and most recently the LiNA OperaScopeTM. CTO Hans Nugteren Hans Nugteren Hans has over 15 years of international experience working with worldwide distribution in the medical device industry. Hans has a strong understanding of various markets throughout Europe, MEA, Asia and Latin America. Prior to entering the medical device industry, Hans worked for several international operating companies in positions with distributor responsibility. Director of Sales Lars Melbye Lars Melbye Lars joined LiNA Medical in 2006 with responsibility for global Sales. In 2010 he moved to Atlanta to establish our U.S. sales company which he led until 2015.
In the spring of 2019, Lars returned to LiNA Medical USA.
President, LiNA Medical USA
Danuta Kordylewska Danuta Kordylewska Danuta has over 20 years of experience in the Medical Device Industry in a career that spans Change Management and Organizational Development. She has been working for LiNA for the last 14 years as Head of Administration and Finance. She is one of the team members that set up the manufacturing plant in Poland and transferring processes. Over the last 8 years Danuta took the lead on the LiNA Business Services Center where back office and change management functions in the areas such as Finance, IT, and Commercial Service have been transferred. She is the originator of LEAN activities in manufacturing and office environment as well as an ambassador of many social initiatives. Head of Administration Ulrik Vejlsgaard Ulrik Vejlsgaard Ulrik has been with LiNA Medical since 2011 and holds a MSc. from Copenhagen Business School and an MBA from London Business School. Ulrik has extensive experience from the pharmaceutical industry as well as biotech and medtech. Managing Director, Finance Kristin Brown Kristin Brown Kristin has over 12 years of experience in the Medical Device Industry and marketing devices for a variety of global companies. She started her career in marketing at an international women’s healthcare organization and has since worked for several large, global corporations launching innovative surgical and interventional pain management devices. She leads the global marketing activities for LiNA Medical and is dedicated to marketing technology that improves patients experiences and outcomes. Director of Marketing Chris Jarosz Chris Jarosz For the last 20+ years Chris has been involved in launching medical devices from prototype stage to regular production in cleanroom environment according to ISO 13485 standard. He has been with LiNA since 2005 as a Plant Director, taking active role in company development and contributing to the creation of Production, Logistics, Purchasing, Quality Departments as well as Business Services Centre. He is also engaged in organizing the production process in compliance with Lean Management approach. Plant Director Jacob Kollerup Jensen Jacob Kollerup Jensen For more than 10 years Jacob has been developing medical devices in various fields ranging from drug delivery systems, hearing aids, ostomy and continence. The work has primarily been focused on mechanical development and design. After 7 years of consultancy work for leading Danish med-tech companies, Jacob started at LiNA Medical in February 2014 as Senior Engineer. Jacob now holds the position as Partner. Partner Adam Remoll Adam Remoll Adam has over 18 years of Field Sales and Sales Training experience in the Medical Device Industry. Prior to that he spent 6 years as an Officer in the US Navy training sailors and coordinating foreign port visits. The first ten years in Medical Device sales came working for one of the largest Medical Device companies in the world. During his 8 years at LiNA Medical he has helped launch several new products, developed curriculum and personally trained dozens of Sales Personnel on new and existing products. National Training and Product Manager Andrew Beveridge Andrew Beveridge Andrew has more than 30 years of experience in the Medical Device Industry in a career that spans Manufacturing, New Organizational Development and Senior Commercial roles in EMEA & Globally. Having spent the early part of his career in the Wound Closure market, Andrew then focused on the Women's Health Medical Device sector. Building on his extensive Commercial expertise in Women's Health Medical Devices, Andrew became part of the LiNA Medical team in 2014 and currently sits on the Global Innovation Leadership team with a focus on building and further strengthening the LiNA Medical pipeline in Gynecology & related Medical Devices. Business Development Director Anne Klitgard Anne Klitgard Anne has over 20 years of medical device industry experience as the manager within regulatory affairs and quality assurance. She has worked on quality systems and strategies from a global perspective with multiple plants, including transfer to low cost platforms. She has been involved in multiple product registrations in close collaboration with international industry and agencies (EU: CE-marking, US:510(k) & PMA, Canada, Japan and ROW). In addition, Anne has hosted multiple FDA and Notified Body inspections with successful outcomes. VP of QA/RA Katrin Althoff Katrin Althoff Katrin has more than 13 years of experience in the Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Industry. In 2006 Katrin completed her education and training to become a Medical Doctor before tackling various international roles within Medical and Clinical Affairs in several large organizations. Since 2018 Katrin has lead the global Medical Affairs activities at LiNA and provides medical expertise throughout the product lifecycle from early development to commercialization. Medical Director
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The LiNA News

Social and Environmental Responsibility

LiNA Medical is focused on the advancement of women’s healthcare through innovative, simple to use technology that is intended to better the lives of the patients we serve. We are also dedicated to being responsible global citizens that have a positive impact on the environment and communities we serve.  LiNA continues to seek opportunities where we can contribute to causes and organizations that positively impact women’s healthcare and daily lives.

Our commitment to environmental responsibility and making decisions to preserve the planet is a focus for LiNA Medical. LiNA’s aim is to further refine our manufacturing and packaging to be environmentally conscious as we look to the future.  We strive to minimize waste, reuse and recycle, and conserve energy and water when possible. With that in mind, LiNA is currently reviewing programs which offer recycling and reuse of devices within our portfolio.

Continuing to find ways to reduce energy and lessen our environmental footprint is always kept in mind as we deliver technology to improve the healthcare of women around the globe. If you have an environmental or community outreach opportunity that aligns with our goals and outlook, please contact us.

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