Single-use fully disposable morcellator for laparoscopic hysterectomy and myomectomy.


Control your blade exposure. LiNA Xcise™ features 3 blade positions to choose from to aid in safety and control during tissue morcellation.

Image module

Blade is fully exposed for coring.

Image module

Blade is partially covered to cut with a peeling effect around the surface of the specimen.

Image module

Blade is fully retracted into the cannula for patient safety.

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Our 300 series stainless steel blade features
a larger inner bevel to prevent dulling from
inadvertent contact with the tenaculum.

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New Flared Tube Technology™
Cutting tube diameter increases as tissue is pulled through, creating a gap (highlighted in green at left) which reduces drag between the blade and the tissue. Drag is reduced, facilitating longer strips with less tissue breakage.

High torque ~1000 RPM motor

to power through tissue.