Minimize your laparoscopic supracervical amputation time with the LiNA Gold Loop™ or LiNA Bipolar Loop™. Cut and coagulation in one step.

LiNA Gold Loop™

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The Original Mopololar Loop

LiNA Gold Loop™ uses monopolar energy conducted through a grounding pad to section the uterus during LSH.

LiNA Bipolar Loop™

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The New Bipolar Design

The functionality is the same, but the LiNA Bipolar Loop features a ceramic tip that isolates the cutting action for improved safety. No grounding pad necessary.

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Set at 100-130 watts Blend. 3 meter cable
with standard 8 mm male connector.

Compatible with your standard
monopolar/bipolar generators

Set at 55-70 watts. 3 meter cable with
standard 2-pin 4 mm male bipolar plug.

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3 sizes to fit your
patient’s anatomy