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Improved visualization designed for a safer procedure.1;6

The LiNA McCartney TubeTM assists in identifying where to safely seal and divide the uterine vessels.1,2;6;8 The device also provides protection of the ureters from trauma during surgery by keeping the ureters in sight and out of the operative field.1;5

LiNA McCartney Tube™

Convenient, single-use conduit for needle, suture and specimen during total laparoscopic hysterectomy.

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+ Provides a clear template for bladder dissection and colpotomy.1;3;5;6

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+ The silicone tube tamponades the vaginal vault and ensures maintenance of pneumoperitoneum2,4;6 while also providing an easy exit for specimen.2,4;6;7

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+ The LiNA McCartney Tube™ offers the ability to laparoscopically suture the vaginal vault by delivering convenient entry and exit for needle and suture.6;7;1

Adapting to your surgical needs

This sterile, single-use device has a lid with 5mm and 10mm valves, which prevent loss of pneumoperitoneum and enables insertion of instruments.2,4;6;7 In addition, the LiNA McCartney Tube™ tip withstands both electrosurgical and ultrasonic energy. Available in two sizes for atraumatic insertion and anatomic fit.

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Specimen conduit to reduce the risk of metastases

The McCartney Tube™ acts as a specimen conduit to reduce the risk of metastases. It is not designed as a uterine manipulator. The use of uterine manipulators is associated with worsened oncological outcomes in patients with cervical and endometrial cancer.8;9

Society recommendations

to reduce uterine manipulation

The ESGE-SERGS joint statement on MIS hysterectomy for cervical cancer recommends to reduce uterine manipulation.8,9 The ESGO stated that uterine manipulators should be banned in an effort to avoid spillage of tumor cells in the peritoneal cavity.10