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LiNA LapGuard™

Removes smoke and odors

The LiNA LapGuard™ ULPA filter, with active carbon, offers evacuation and filtration of electrosurgical smoke during laparoscopic procedures.

Clean air in the operating room

Recent recommendations in laparoscopic surgery, in confirmed or suspected COVID-19 cases, includes utilizing suction devices, smoke evacuation filters, retrieval devices and swabs to:

(1) prevent aerosol transmission: remove smoke, aerosol and the CO2 pneumoperitoneum during surgery and

(2) avoid explosive dispersion of body fluids when removing trocars and retrieving specimens.1

Coronavirus virions have a diameter of approximately 125 nm.2 While concretely SARS-COV-2 has a diameter of approximately 100 nm.³

The LiNA LapGuard™ filter has been tested filtering viruses* with a diameter of 25-27 nm with a filtration efficiency of 99.999968% (*aerosolized).

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Easy setup and use

Attach the luer lock connector to a trocar system with gasport. During extensive use of electrosurgery the roller clamp may be adjusted to allow for a constant gas flow.