Minimally invasive
for patient comfort

Small channel ensures ease of insertion often without dilation

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Diagnostic to Therapeutic Conversions

Expandable working channel allows delivery and exchange of a wide range of instrumentation

Multiple Choices for Operating Venue and Anaesthesia

Minimises need for general anaesthesia.
Use in office, hospital or ambulatory surgical suite procedure room

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Automatic Continuous Flow. Ensures clear visualisation during therapeutic applications

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Fully Integrated for
Convenience & Utility

The expandable LiNA Versascope™ Sheath is compatible with the 1.9mm Alphascope hysteroscope to form an integrated system designed to enable quick diagnostic-to-therapeutic conversions during hysteroscopic procedures.

Expandable Channel
for Ease of Instrumenting

o The single-use sheath is designed with an expandable working channel to permit ease in instrumenting with continuous flow to allow visualisation during therapeutic applications.

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Full Peripheral Viewing and Patient Comfort

A specially designed collar rotates 360° to afford viewing of the ostia and cornua without producing torque on the cervix, further enhancing patient comfort and tolerance.

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