Equi-cutTM sling

has a uniform and smooth edge that is designed to reduce tissue trauma during sling integration.

Blue sling

is designed to improve visibility for cystoscopy and any future intervention.

Patented absorbable stabilizing suture

uniquely maintains the sling’s architecture at the midurethra and is designed to resist deformation during sling placement and sheath removal.

Knitted sling pattern

Knitted sling pattern is designed with large pore sizes to promote tissue in-growth.1

The Sling’s Stabilizing Suture Sets UroCure Apart

The stabilizing suture is secured by strategically-placed knots, helping the sling retain its shape – preventing deformation and pore collapse during placement, tensioning, and sheath removal.

The sling without any stretch applied

The sling, with stretch applied outside the knots, maintains pore integrity

Patented Sling with Stabilizing Suture

This sling works seamlessly with each of UroCure’s three needle designs.


Transvaginal Sling System

Bottom-up delivery system:

follows trajectory for transvaginal (bottom-up) needle passage

maintains sufficient rigidity and minimizes needle deflection during passage


Transobturator Sling System

Outside-in delivery system:

follows trajectory for transobturator (outside-in) needle passage

with unique helical needle, allows single, continuous handle rotation during needle passage until vaginal incision is reached

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Suprapubic Sling System

Top-down delivery system:

follows trajectory for suprapubic (top-down) needle passage

remains palpable and atraumatic during vaginal tunnel passage