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Distribution in Eastern Europe

  • LiNA Medical is a Danish company developing, manufacturing and selling innovative, simple to use devices for minimally invasive gynecology procedures.

  • Lina has been focused on minimally invasive gynecology since the 1980s and designing devices for procedures like laparoscopic hysterectomy.

  • Our company has effective distribution channels established all over the world. Eastern Europe is a part of our continued expansion, where we aim at entering new markets by appointing the right distributors for our top devices.

We are looking for a distributor with the following characteristics:

  • portfolio consisting of products used in the gynecological field

  • sales force is actively promoting medical equipment in hospitals

  • active plan of hospital visits, specifically gynecological wards

  • market knowledge, specifically number of hospitals in your countries, the split between disposable- and re-usable products, number of hysterectomies per year, the split between hysterectomies performed through open- and laparoscopic surgery, number of LSH and TLH procedures