LiNA Xcise™

Cordless Laparoscopic Morcellator


Instant-use fully disposable design

No assembly required. No drive box or cables. Lightweight cordless design incorporates motor and battery in one device.
Open the package, insert the obturator, and you are ready to start morcellating. 5 mm reducer cap included.



Control your blade exposure

LiNA Xcise™ features 3 blade positions to choose from for optimal safety and control during tissue morcellation.

3 blade adjustmentCut 2. Blade is fully exposed for coring.Cut 1. Blade is partially covered to cut with a peeling effect around the surface of the specimen.Safety Guard. Blade is fully retracted into the cannula for patient safety.

Flared TubeSpeed.

Longer strips in less time1

High torque 1000 RPM motor to power through even the most calcified tissue. To date, our record is 2,930 grams morcellated with only one Xcise.

New Flared Tube Technology™
Cutting tube diameter increases as tissue is pulled through, creating a gap between the blade and the tissue (highlighted in green at right). Drag is reduced, facilitating longer strips with less tissue breakage.


from the first cut to the last

300 series stainless steel blade features a larger inner bevel to prevent dulling from inadvertent contact with the tenaculum.

Blade Inner Bevel

Inner Bevel – LiNA Xcise™

Blade Outer Bevel

Outer Bevel

Indications for use:
Indicated for cutting, coring, and extracting tissue in operative laparoscopy, including gynecologic procedures such as hysterectomy and myomectomy.  For more information please refer to the Instructions for use.

1. Data on file comparing traditional cutting tube vs. flared cutting tube.

Ordering Information:

Product code Description Unit of Measure
MOR-1515-6 LiNA Xcise™ Cordless Morcellator 15mm, sterile, single use Box of 6 ea